U10/U12 Racing

Program Director: Jeff Jenkins
Lead Coach: Alex Ross
Coordinator: Eileen Radigan
Meets: 1 weeknight (Tue 6-8 p.m.); 2 weekend days (Saturday 9-1:00 and Sunday 9-1:00)
Coaching: Races, Dryland Training and Christmas Camp

U10/12 Calendar

U10 racers are 8 and 9 years old, U12 racers are 10 and 11 years old. Racers 8 years old require prior approval to join the U10 program. U10 and U12 racers compete in the NYSSRA Council Cup Series (Kombi, Stubbi or Panel SL, GS, and Skills Events) for Genesee Valley Ski Council and then an end-of-the-season Regional Kandahar Festivals.  U8’s are not allowed to race at Kandahar. The Regional Kandahar Festivals break NY State into 3 events (East, Central, and West). The West festival is held at either Holimont or Holiday Valley each year and is comprised of racers from the Niagara Frontier and Genesee Valley

Ski Councils. Top racers from the Council are eligible to participate at the Piche Memorial Race at Gunstock, NH which pulls racers from across the East Coast (12 states). U10, U12, and some U14 racers participate together in regular season NYSSRA Council Cup races.

This program requires NYSSRA and USSS memberships, and a volunteer deposit.

See the USSS & NYSSRA Competition Guide for more details on the different levels and rules for racing in New York State. There are also more details on the Resources page.
NOTE: All ages referenced above apply relative to age on 12/31/22