U16/U18+ Racing

Program Director: Jeff Jenkins
Lead Coach: Jeff Jenkins
Coordinator: Aaron Blumkin
Meets: 2 weeknights (Tue/Thu 6–8 p.m.); 2 weekend days (Saturday 9-1:00 and Sunday 9-1:00)
Coaching: Races, Dryland Training and Christmas Camp

U16/18+ Calendar

All U16 and older racers compete in NYSSRA’s Empire Cup Series throughout the season, including the U16 or U18+ State Champs in late Feb/early March.  Top performers in all groups can qualify for the Empire Winter Games in early Feb.

U16: Top performers at State Champs can progress to U16 Eastern Champs or U16 Eastern Finals and then on to Am-Cans or Nationals.

U18/21: Top performers at States can qualify for Eastern USSA Finals.  Those seeking further challenges may pursue FIS racing with the potential to qualify for numerous regional and national Series, Projects, and Championships. Please get in touch with Jeff Jenkins for further information if you are interested in FIS racing. The deadline for purchasing a FIS license without a late fee is August 15, 2023.

This program requires NYSSRA and USSS memberships and a volunteer deposit.

See the USSS & NYSSRA Competition Guide for more details on the different levels and rules for racing in New York State. There are also more details on the Resources page.
NOTE: All ages referenced above apply relative to age on 12/31/23