Afternoon Program (U14+, by application only)

U14: Meets 3 weekdays (Tues–Thurs 3:30–5:30 p.m.); 2 weekend days (Saturday 9-1:00
and Sunday 9-1:00)

U16/U18+: Meets 4 weekdays (Mon–Thu 3:30–5:30 p.m.); 2 weekend days (Saturday 9-
1:00 and Sunday 9-1:00)

Coaching: Races, Dryland Training and Christmas Camp

For committed and dedicated U18+, U16 and U14 athletes*, an Afternoon Training Program has been designed to maximize their training and racing potential. The program will be limited to number of athletes and a specific application is necessary. There is a three practice sessions per week minimum required. Monday and Thursday are mandatory training days allowing athletes to choose between Tuesday and Wednesday which are very close in training content. This schedule tries to avoid conflicts with both the Monroe County and Finger Lakes high school ski league schedules. On non-race weekends, afternoon program participants will train with the entire appropriate age group and coaches.

Athletes must fill out the BMRC Afternoon Program Application by Aug 26th in order to be considered.  Registration for all programs will open Sept 1st and only those authorized/accepted by pre-approval will be allowed to register for the AP.  All others will be able to register for the standard evening programs.

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This program requires NYSSRA and USSS memberships, and a volunteer deposit.

See the USSS & NYSSRA Competition Guide for more details on the different levels and rules for racing in New York State. There are also more details on the Resources page.
NOTE: All ages referenced above apply relative to age on 12/31/22